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    STFU stat geek.

    Watch the games. Not the stat sheet.
    Pot, kettle on that one Crash. Nobody throws around ridiculous stats like you.
    For example:

    The 2nd most 4th quarter/game winning drives given up on defense since 2007.
    2nd most 4th quarter game winning drives really Crash? You watch every teams every game since 07 and calculated that in your head

    Hey Crash, how many did we give up in Bens first two seasons under BC when we really played "yinzer ball"

    We come out throwing, get a lead, then we run the ball.
    So what, I agree. And YOU hated it.
    That was what you called "yinzer ball" at the time, and derisively called "the turtle".
    Me and the Rooneys call it "winning football" Crash.

    And YES, it is "nice work" if I do say so myself
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