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Thread: Star Lotulelei

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    Star Lotulelei

    A month ago, we had no chance at this kid. I keep seeing mocks with him falling and falling.

    If he were there, would you take him? (i realize it's a big IF)
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    Yes! No question. He is as good as Hiloti Ngata at the same stage.
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    His agents are Rep 1 Sports, Ben's people. So they'd probably pass to send another "message" to our quarterback.

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    Depends. If he clears 100% medically, it would be a major coup to draft Star at #17. If not, then heck no.

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    I love that he can play all over the DL and pressure the QB with strength and quickness. I'd be very happy with the pick.
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    From what I've read, makes you wonder if he'll have surgery or what will happen... his numbers are slightly off. They must do some SERIOUS testing to discover something like that.
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