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Paulson, Heath Miller, DJ, WJ and and you want a 1st round pick. Sorry, I don't see that happening.

You need to replace Wallace. Hopkins or even Allen fit the bill.

Plaxico - Old but a decent signing and teams have to respect him in the redzone especially
Brown - known commodity
Sanders - Starting #2 receiver but are you confident with that? Injury issues, consistency issues?
Cotchery - He's a legit #3 or #4

My main issue isn't depth. My main issue is the #2 spot (assuming Brown being considered the #1 as his contract might dictate)
Outside of Heath, you won't see DJ,WJ, and Paulson scoring in the redzone much but @ 6-6 Eifert could be a good target there, and scoring on a regular basis. If we pass on Eifert, then draft Ike Taylor's replacement.