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If you say you are an expert on all the players in your mock then great. Glad to have your well rounded opinion. No need to turn this into a big johnson contest...its just a fun discussion.
I never said I was an expert or pushed anyone in my mock. I was voicing my opinion on Bell & Big 10. I just felt you were putting him on a higher pedestal than he deserves and I can see why. I never had a problem with you Shawn. I never carry things over or hold a gripe. I just give my opinion and if it differs from someone else it turns into a debate. When it is over, I could be agreeing with you 110% on your next post. So don't think of it as a "Big Johnosn" contest. Seek me out if Bell becomes "the man" for us and I will be the first to tell you congrats & you nailed it because you were alot higher on him than I was.

He's still in my Top 5 RBs. I have 1. Lacy 2. Franklin 3a. Bernard 3b. Bell 5. Ball I have Michael @ #6 I think Michael could be farther up that list and want to put him ahead of Ball. Like some mentioned, Michael has attitude questions but he is an explosive athlete with very good RB skills that will need to put in the work at blocking. Kirby worked him out long & hard and Tomlin picked his brain as well. We will find out where the "attitude" stands. If they draft Bell...Lets hope he can give the Steelers the stability that Bettis gave to the Steelers for so many years.