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Thread: Steelers just got better and most of their fans dont even realize it!!

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    This contract was on the table since the combine. His agent had the number and felt all players out. Nobody should be naive about how it all went down. Dolphins were the highest bidder and there wasn't anyone willing to push it. If he was "about the money"...His agent shopped everyone.

    The locker room problems we hear about had a lot to do with Wallace, Lewis, & Mendy imo. I see where you are going with it. I think Lewis was absorbed because of his relationship with Wallace. If it went beyond that, the Steelers will show ZERO interest in signing him. If you want to say there was three rotten apples in the basket...I would say that is highly likely. Would I go as far to say that the problem will out weigh the production? That will be classified as a "TBD". What I would say is that if all three go elsewhere and you look at this down the road....We may all look at the FO as absolute geniuses. There may be 130 mil reasons why the Steelers decided to part ways with them all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggy00 View Post
    One thing is for sure the Rooney's have to be thrilled that Wallace turned down their offer once they saw what Haley's offense actually was.

    Because Wallace is Haley's offense as it is now, is basically useless.
    That's so right... this team just needs a bunch of possesion guys...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie Spaghetti View Post
    oh I will be pulling for him, but I think he is going to struggle without mike.

    hopefully he won't do any more backflips into the endzone and try to be a leader for the WR group.

    and his numbers were nowhere his paycheck. He must do better.
    I also hope AB does very well and gets to do a ton more backflips into the endzone. Nothing wrong with having fun playing football.

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    oh, I thought this thread was going to be about how we just re-signed long-snapper Greg Warren
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    I'm not upset at Wallace or the Steelers. How can you fault a guy that is guaranteed 30 million upon inking his contract ? He knew his worth and he will probably have just as long as wait for the Dolphins to get their ducks in a row as the Steelers will when it comes to making the Super Bowl. The Steelers tried last season and I thought they tried their best without creating too much problems for the rest of the team or the future of the team. The Steelers would have loved to have had him but, they have the team in a salary cap funk.

    This team has bigger issues than Wallace leaving. I'm sure I'll get blasted for this but................Wallace isn't much of a threat when it comes to Ben trying to get him the ball or Haleys offense that likes th short stuff. I would have loved to seen Wallace get three bomb passes a game but it wasn't the way things were done. Also, Ben never impressed me as a qb that was accurate with a rainbow pass. Maybe I just don't remember correctly ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee Dub View Post
    Yeah I hear ya. Think about this, he didn't shop around. Check out areas to live. Schools and areas to raise kids. He didn't pray on it. He just jumped at the first huge contract. This is going to come back to haunt him.
    No state taxes is pocketing him thousands too
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    Quote Originally Posted by SS Laser View Post
    I also hope AB does very well and gets to do a ton more backflips into the endzone. Nothing wrong with having fun playing football.
    while AB is "having fun" his team is drawing a 15 yard penalty.

    that's smart.

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    Ben wasn't good at getting Wallace the ball?

    WTF did you watch for the first three years of Wallace's career?

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    What I watched was mostly Ben over throwing Wallace, under throwing Wallace. Bens a gun slinger and he's not a pure passer type that can always drop the ball in a receivers hands in stride. That is how I see it. I'm glad they didn't pay him what the Dolphins did. If that kind of action was going on, Arians would have kept his job and Wallace would have got his big Steeler contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee Dub View Post
    This is going to sound strange since I was one who defended Mike Wallace over the years, but the Steelers are now better that he is gone. Not from a player stand-point but from a character stand-point. Think about it. This dude jumped at the first highest bid he saw. He didnt go to the Patriots, the 49ers, or any other team that is a contender to win a championship. He went to the 7-9 Miami Dolphins. A team that is hardly a contender to win a championship. A team who really is still unsettled at the teams most important position, quarterback. A position that directly affects whether or no Mike Wallace has success with them. Mike Wallace went from one of the leagues storied franchises who are often a super bowl contender to a team that more than likely will be looking for another QB this time next year. All because he wanted more money. All because money was the most important thing to him.

    Good riddance.

    The Steelers are better that he is gone.
    So will you hate saying you agree with me now?


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