This contract was on the table since the combine. His agent had the number and felt all players out. Nobody should be naive about how it all went down. Dolphins were the highest bidder and there wasn't anyone willing to push it. If he was "about the money"...His agent shopped everyone.

The locker room problems we hear about had a lot to do with Wallace, Lewis, & Mendy imo. I see where you are going with it. I think Lewis was absorbed because of his relationship with Wallace. If it went beyond that, the Steelers will show ZERO interest in signing him. If you want to say there was three rotten apples in the basket...I would say that is highly likely. Would I go as far to say that the problem will out weigh the production? That will be classified as a "TBD". What I would say is that if all three go elsewhere and you look at this down the road....We may all look at the FO as absolute geniuses. There may be 130 mil reasons why the Steelers decided to part ways with them all.