There are examples every year of players being broke and filing for bankruptcy. Or being in trouble with the IRS, etc.

What you never hear about is a player who regrets his championship and wishes he would've taken big money.

I don't despise or hate Wallace for his decision. Everyone wants to be paid what they perceive there value is. But the Steelers are pretty good about matching a player with the money he is worth. They don't SCREW people over. They are fair. I always felt that the offer they made to Wallace was fair. He clearly didn't think so. And just because he got more money doesn't mean the organization was wrong. It just means that another team had more money to give him. I don't think he is worth that kind of money. (But then again, I think all sports salaries are stupidly ridiculous for the most part.)
For example, the case of Harrison. Sure the team wanted him back. That is a no brainer. But with his age and production, the Steelers looked for an understanding on his part. Harrison didn't see it that way. Now he moves to an unknown commodity, like Wallace, and may never sniff the playoffs again. All because of some money that, in the grand scheme of things, wouldn't have made that big of a difference anyways. Not when compared to more opportunities to win championships.

I personally want players on this team that are hungry for championships. This is a team sport. Money comes in other forms besides contracts.

I won't miss Wallace. I don't care much for the ego of man. It's ugly and gets in the way of individuals fulfilling there true potential IMO.

Good for him. He got his money. He got what he wanted. And in that regard I have no reason to wish anything else for him.