This is going to sound strange since I was one who defended Mike Wallace over the years, but the Steelers are now better that he is gone. Not from a player stand-point but from a character stand-point. Think about it. This dude jumped at the first highest bid he saw. He didnt go to the Patriots, the 49ers, or any other team that is a contender to win a championship. He went to the 7-9 Miami Dolphins. A team that is hardly a contender to win a championship. A team who really is still unsettled at the teams most important position, quarterback. A position that directly affects whether or no Mike Wallace has success with them. Mike Wallace went from one of the leagues storied franchises who are often a super bowl contender to a team that more than likely will be looking for another QB this time next year. All because he wanted more money. All because money was the most important thing to him.

Good riddance.

The Steelers are better that he is gone.