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Well I guess I'll gladly accept the mantra of "moron" because I think David Johnson is substandard. Here are some stats you fail to mention:

In 4 seasons David Johnson has 18 catches (4.5 per year) for 146 yards (8.1 average) and 1 TD

In just one season, Will Johnson has 15 catches for 137 yards (9.1 average) and 1 TD

No matter how you want to put it, Will Johnson is far better than David Johnson and the latter will mcontrinute little to nothing. Get a rookie TE in the draft and we will be better.
I guess you missed the point. I would concede that Will Johnson is marginally more talented that David Johnson as an athlete and offensive player. You don't value blocking apparently. You are poor at evaluating blocking. Blocking is an important part of running of the ball and having an efficient offense. That is where David Johnson excels and exceeds Will Johnson. And it is not just at the TE postion, because in 2011, when Profootballfocus accumulated their statistics, David Johnson played the hybrid role of TE and FB. I again cite them who, do a true analytic breakdown of the plays and aren't crying out someone "sucks" and then getting agreement with someone else who is clueless.

They have David Johnson rated in the top 5 as a blocker from a list of 65 players. That is what I have been saying all along and they put it down in black and white. When you put both facets together. David Johnson is better than Will Johnson because Will Johnson's slightly better offensive stats are trumped by David Johnson's far better strength and impact as a blocker.