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I posted this info previously. If you look at profootballfocus stats. since DJ didn't play in 2012. Look in 2011 for him. Profootballfocus, this nonbiased entity, who solely relies on unemotional breaking down of tapes, rated David Johnson their 15th best TE (out of 65), basically on the strength of his run blocking. He was given a rating of a 9. Will Johnson, again according to profootballfocus in 2012, was given a rating as a run blocker of -.4.

So, it's not just me trusting my own judgement, which in this instance I think is on target. David Johnson is far more energetic and effective blocker thatn Will Johnson. Plus the running game overall was poor in 2012, and I think Will Johnson's unimpactful blocking was a part of that, as well as some key losses to the offensive line, such Colon and Adams.

So all the hate on DJ is tiresome and childish. It is just morons imitating others morons, trying to be cool.

David is hardworking strong blocker, good teammate. Can catch you a pass, Good depth guy. People don't expend this much effort bashing other depth players.
Well I guess I'll gladly accept the mantra of "moron" because I think David Johnson is substandard. Here are some stats you fail to mention:

In 4 seasons David Johnson has 18 catches (4.5 per year) for 146 yards (8.1 average) and 1 TD

In just one season, Will Johnson has 15 catches for 137 yards (9.1 average) and 1 TD

No matter how you want to put it, Will Johnson is far better than David Johnson and the latter will mcontrinute little to nothing. Get a rookie TE in the draft and we will be better.