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Really? I thought Will Johnson proved this year that he was a better blocker than David Johnson has ever been at any point in his career.
True! Will Johnson is a fixture here now.

This signing was a nice gesture on TS part. As just about everyone has noted, it is not likely DJ makes it to the final cut even.

But, what interests me here is the casual, unthinking way TS sacked Weslye Saunders. Why? He did what had to be done in the few chances he was given. He might have been the best blocker of the entire bunch. Yep! Including Miller.

I saw clips of Saunders bashing into the sled with Tomlin right over his shoulder and beaming ear to ear. No other Steeler was close to this force. This really makes me wonder where is Tomlin on some of these decisions. Is he too submissive?

Oh! I forgot Saunders took a banned over the counter something so of course he had to go. Holmes had to go. His car ashtray was not emptied. Cedric Wilson tapped a girl friends cheek. Sack this monster. Same with the speedy RB last year. Who is running this team now. Carrie Nation? WTHeck is going on. Are TS now proposing to bring back the Volstead Act. I think that is what they called the drinking prohibition law. I can understand a very strict policy enforcing the league rules but how about checking into these incidents a little more before knee jerk reacting.

Saunders much to my surprise did not set the world on fire at Indy last year. But, I still think he would be the better option here at this time than either Pope or D Johnson. These little things will eventually add up to big things.