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I think most of us if not all 1,000% agree that it sucks to be down on our team. Fact is we were 8-8. We just lost a damn fine young CB (assuming we will), our #1 WR, a disappointing first round RB, our stud OLB that was the identity of our defense. So far to improve our club that was 8-8 we re-signed an old ILB for three years and an old WR that they wouldn't even dress.

Let's just hope we have one hell of a draft.
I hear ya... but, it's an 8-8 team that had lots of injuries... with a healthy Ben alone, that's an 11-5 team and Colbert knows it. While I agree we've lost a lot, at the same time, I'm not terribly worried at this point. Even with a sucky draft, I could see 10-6.

The #1 defense lost Harrison, Casey and a CB that couldn't beat out Will Gay when he was there... Gay, while not great, is back, Worilds played decent in fill in, as did McClendon. Even with a bad draft, this will be a top5 defense again.

Offensively, they could use a WR with speed (though the short routes won't take advangage of it)... a lot of mid-round RBs could fill Mendy's place -- as you said, he was a dissapointment.

It's not as bad as ya think... I'm expecting playoffs again this year. Maybe I'm just stuck in my black and gold glasses...