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    Actually it's the correct one.

    You should also do the right thing and re-instate my Crash ID.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SS Laser View Post
    Why does Cowher and Tomlin take all the heat or praise for players? I thought head coaches worked with the rest of the FO to pick/add players. General mangers like Donahoe and Colbert have how much say Vs the head coach? Some of these players are I feel Colbert players Vs Colbert players. I understand the Coach has input. But how much I question. Also the cap does come into effect with all these players from differnt years some how.
    I often wonder why people seem to think this way. Even giving Tomlin credit/blame for Timmons - the first pick made after he arrived here, entering a defensive scheme that he had never been involved with, but Timmons was Tomlin's guy?

    If you want to determine Cowher's influence, I would go back to after the '99 season when he won his power struggle with Donahoe. That means IMO that he was very influential only after 8 seasons as the HC. Even then, it has been well publicized that he was vetoed in 2004, so although he was near the top of the pyramid, he did not have control.

    Tomlin has not been the HC for the same 8 years yet - he is entering his 7th. I just can't see Tomlin wielding more power than Cowher did at the same point in his career.


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