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Thread: Dan Connor Visisting Steelers

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    Anyone think we could possibly sign both Foote and Conner? That way we have some experienced depth since they didn't offer Sylvester a tender.

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    With Foote back in the mix, I wonder if the Steelers will still look at Connor for depth.

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    I would say if you could get Connor on the cheap you sign him too. Very nice depth at ILB especially if Rolle pans out. PUP Spence & posible IR. Give him a year to heal. Take ILB out of the draft. Curious to see the Foote deal. May be difficult if Connor wants a chance to start.
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    I wouldn't keep ILB out of the draft at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JUST-PLAIN-NASTY View Post
    Colbert didn't go on to say Spence is suffering from foot drop. He said Spence suffered damage to the peroneal nerve. I hope it isn't the case.

    I don't know if they would view Connor as a long term solution until they see him in the system. I also don't think it would be necessary to use a pick inside the first three rounds if they did bring Connor in unless a "free fall" happens to someone. The Steelers have been pretty successful in the middle with a Batman & Robin combo. We have Batman. Robin shouldn't be that hard to find. We just need to make sure we have Thor & Hulk Outside. Last year we had the Blob & Profesor X.
    He's very good, but, he's not exactly the tackling machine... My problem is for all Timmons did this past year, I still think he's a Robin... Arguably the best darned 34 ILB "Robin" there is in the league at this point -- SF may dispute, but, that's the point... I want a Bowman + Willis....

    btw: blob --fat; professor X -- injured/handicap <--- BRILLIANT
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyesq View Post
    With Foote back in the mix, I wonder if the Steelers will still look at Connor for depth.
    Or, vice versa?


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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRob View Post
    He has nerve damage and has what's called "drop-foot".
    He's letting that keep him out? What a pu$$$...


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    Really wanted Dan Connor here..even when the draft was going on (but was picked before we were up in the third). Still really want him in Pittsburgh...but I think that was shattered when Larry Foote signed a 3-year deal. Damn it.

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    I want Foote AND Conner.

    What's with all the hate of Foote? I just don't get it. He leads the team in tackles and sacks and everyone wants him gone? He has the best season of his career WITHOUT the benefit of Harrison and Woodley playing at a high level. What gives???

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    I'm not hating on Foote, if you're directing that towards me. He knows the system, a little bit older...but would have rather gotten Connor instead of Foote. Ohh well.


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