Our D is looking at a turning point. The old guard is stepping aside for the new guard. The problem, the new guard is lacking. I don't see fire, heart or leadership qualities in any of our young D talent besides maybe Cortez Allen. It's time to look past 40 times, and just look at underrated ballers with leadership qualities, a love for the game, and a contagious work ethic. Two guys come to mind.

The first is John Simon from tOSU. This guy won't break any clocks with his 40 but he is fast enough to play OLB in our system. He is a high motor, leverage player who always seems to be in the right position. But, just as importantly he loves the game, works, and oozes leadership.

The other name that comes to Mike Mauti. If this guy can get and stay healthy I love his attitude. He just sweats Steeler mentality.

We need these kind of guys in the upcoming draft.