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Thread: Mike Adams

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    The only thing I see hampering our O-line is injuries. If somehow we are able to avoid them or at least keep to a minimum this unit might be pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8467thekraken View Post
    I think Adams is gonna surprise some of you this season. Especially when the team pairs him with DDC.

    I'm just real excited about the O-line potential.

    We just need someone to step up and handle that RT spot. Beachum?Gilbert?Rookie?
    If surprise you mean having a solid game followed by another game being a turnstyle...then yes we shall be surprised.
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    Heres a pic of him last October after he broke his wrist

    OMG, imagine if he made it to the NFL and played for the Steelers.
    I'd have to move there.........
    One can dream

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    Quote Originally Posted by pittpete View Post
    LOL sky...
    Yes, he plays LT and NG in Connecticut and he's gonna be a junior this fall.
    Exciting times ahead.
    I'm so proud of him.
    Just met with his head coach and he said to give him a list of Div1a colleges my son is interested in.
    UConn or Penn State would be awesome.

    Congrats!!! Best of Luck to him. I know you gotta be excited!
    Don't Forget to bring a Towel

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    Dude. That's awesome. Who the hell would wanna line up opposite him? I pity the poor guy.


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