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Thread: If Keenan isn't signed does this board explode?

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    I think he could be heading to Cleveland as they want to bolster their secondary having him play opposite Joe Hayden. They have the cap space and seems like a logical destination.

    Now the question.... If Keenan isn't signed does this board explode?

    I don't know about others here but for me it's not the end of the world if he leaves. We have a promising CB in Cortez Allen who should soften the blow, losing James Harrison was a bigger deal because the Steelers don't have the same confindence in Worlids as they do Cortez.
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    I won't "explode," because I haven't been expecting the Steelers to keep him. Wish there was a way to do it, but there probably just isn't the cap room for that along with everything else the team needs to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    If he isn't signed it will just show how the front office screwed up holding onto veterans too long which got them into a disasterous cap situation. Hopefully the lesson is learned and they commit to getting young players on the field sooner so we don't get one productive season out of them before they are due their second contract like Keenan Lewis.
    Right on. It's frustrating seeing a player like Lewis walk. He's young and talented and historically, the Steelers always let veterans walk when there is young talent to replace them. You know what's more frustrating, this same situation could happen next year with Worilds. Let's say, Worilds stays healthy and delivers a couple INTs and 10+ sacks. He will be a UFA after next season.

    So, you spend all these years developing your young players and once they are finally developed, you allow another team to reap the benefits?

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    i hope not - he basically tweeted that he wasn't signing and felt blessed that he was gonna get a fat contract... just sayin'
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    For me, it depends on the numbers. If he gets 5 years, $50 million, I'd rather somebody else pay him the money than the Steelers. If he signs for something reasonable (say, $4-6 million per year) then I will be really disappointed.


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