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Thread: Beanie Wells a possibility?

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    Beanie Wells a possibility?

    Often injured last year but only 24. Worth a shot at a fair contract?

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    They take enough of our discards, why not take one of theirs?

    Worth kicking the tyres, at the least.
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    I like Wells if he can get healthy.

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    Well, we would have to invest in another whirlpool... with him and Dwyer (and Redman too), we need a jacuzzi-sized whirlpool.

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    I hope not
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    Duce II...

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    Draft someone who has a chance to be something. Wells will never be anything.

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    Our best option IMO is the draft, get a young dude who is hungry knowing he has a chance to start being drafted by the Steelers, and most likely at a cost the Steelers can afford.

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    I love Wells. I like how he runs. But, he couldnt stay healthy in college, nor the pros. But, make no mistake a healthy Wells is a truck load.
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    I was a big OSU fan...I predicted that Beanie would barely play in the NFL because he was always injured with the Buckeyes. Every game he went down with something. The worst part is it seemed he wanted attention or was just lacking in the heart area cause his injuries weren't huge. Trust me, stay away from this dude!


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