Skip Bayless & Stephen A. - really?!? This is who we're relying on to dissect the psyche of the team? Please...this is a stretched attempt to create a story by discussing opinion & conjecture as fact. I would've been more interested if they brought this topic up while Ryan Clark while co-hosting...but they know better because it's not true.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Ben twice, once on his own & the other with Mendenhall & Heath. On both occasions he was friendly & down to earth with a good sense of humor. He spent time with the kids, complimented me on how polite my kids were & threw passes to each - making my daughter's day by saying how good of an arm she had. Heath was exactly as one would think - quiet but friendly - while my conversation with Mendy was surprisingly interesting, covering a number of topics.

I don't know the nature of the motivations in portraying our team or players in such deliberate negative light, ignoring the good things they do & the accomplishments they've earned, but it does both them & us a disservice as no good comes out of it & only feeds the haters.