Let's pretend you are the GM of the Steelers. You are in your War Room on Thursday, April 25th. Commissioner Dingleberry heads to the stage and begins announcing picks.

1. KC takes Eric Fischer. A little bit of a surprise that it isn't Joeckel.

2. The Jags select Luke Joeckel. No surprise here as Khan twists his mustachio like a silent movie villain.

3. The Raiders grab Shariff Floyd. They need help at DT.

4. The Jets (who have traded Revis by now) trade up in front of Detroit. They take Dee Milliner.

5. The Lions snatch up Ziggy Ansah.

6. The Browns take Jarvis Jones for their new 3-4.

7. The Saints trade with the Cards and select Lane Johnson to replace Bushrod.

8. The Bills trade out of this spot. The Panthers move up and select Star Lotulelei.

9. The Eagles (after trading back from 4) select Dion Jordan. This is a surprise as he looks like a 3-4 only player. But, Chip and the Eagles believe he can play 4-3 OLB. They believe he can pass rush like Von Miller and eliminate athletic TEs in pass coverage.

10. The Titans choose Jonathan Cooper after they address defensive line needs in free agency.

11. The Chargers go with Keenan Allen after addressing S, OG, and NT in free agency.

12. The Dolphins select Xavier Rhodes (after addressing WR and OT in free agency).


13. The Buccaneers (addressed CB, DE, and OT in free agency. They could go in just about any direction)

14. The Bills (needs include LB, WR, S, and QB)

15. The Cardinals (needs include OT, RB, QB, DB, and ILB)

16. The Rams (needs include S, OLB, WR, and RB)

What does your draft board look like at this point (if you plan to try to trade back list more than 5 players)? Who are your top targets and why? Will you look to trade up or trade back (if so who might you do business with). Finally, if you are unable to find a trade partner, which four players do you think will go 12-16 and who will be the choice at 17.

Have fun!