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I'm sentimental, I like to watch the players stay together and am optimistic about Troy P this year so with that, I just don't get all the Lebeau hate. With very few splash plays last year, we still had one of the best (and the best statistically) defenses in the league. We are in the top 10 every year, so naturally Lebeau is the problem.

4-3, 3-4 I really don't care, I want to see some swagger, and not that chicken hawk swagger like Ike sometimes has but I mean some "Ryan Clark and Troy Polamalu throwing a beat down" on people kind of swagger. It'll never be the 70's again with Lamber, Joe, Shell and Mad Dog again but we can still beat some teams up. Ravens and 49'ers in the superbowl, interesting, two defensive teams (although the Ravens were not what they once were) and two teams that run the football well. Interesting.
Any swagger the Steeler defense had was cut this past Saturday.