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Thread: any chance Ansah falls to 1.17?

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    any chance Ansah falls to 1.17?

    with the departure of Harrison, im dreaming of Ansah falling to us. any hope?

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    2 scenarios. One in which Mahommes is available to us at 1/30 (hoping but not likely) and the second in which he is not.

    1) Pat Mahommes-QB-TT 1) Tak McKinley-OLB-UCLA
    2) Jordan Willis-OLB-K.St. 2) Fabian Moreau-DB-UCLA
    3) Jalen Myrick-CB-Minn
    3) Nate Peterman-QB-Pitt
    3) Samaje Perine-RB-OU
    4) George Kittle-TE-Iowa
    5) Rayshawn Jenkins-S-Miami
    6) Ejuan Price-OLB-Pitt
    7) Glen Antoine-DT-Idaho

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    Nope, I don't think it will, though I didn't see DeCastro falling to us last year either. But this year, DE/OLB's seem to be in premium demand, so I thin the chances are nil.

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    You never know... I hope he does because I think the Steelers wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger at 17.

    Unless someone rated in the top 10 at a position of need falls, I'd love to trade down as it seems so many players are rated "end of 1st" to "2nd round" talent.

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    i wish we could talk Miami into trading us their two 2nd's and a 4th for pick 17.

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    I would take Dion Jordan if he was at #17...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolie Man View Post
    with the departure of Harrison, im dreaming of Ansah falling to us. any hope?
    Probably not. But, this draft has a lot of pass rushers in the top 50. We will have a choice of one. Unfortunately it will probably be the second or third tier. Dion Jordan, Ansah, and Jones will all probably be gone by 17. Mingo, Damontre Moore, or Okafor will more likely be there. The problem with those guys is that they are probably more late first round talents and might be a bit of a reach at 17. Third tier might be right for our second round pick with Collins and Sio Moore.
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    every mock I have seen lately has Ansah going in the Top-10 selections.

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    If so, I bet someone trades up to 16 to take him.

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    agreed, I don't see it happenening.
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