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What if McLendon gets signed away? Or a future SS/FS? ILB? Both Keisel & Hood are UFA's next season...
If McLendon gets signed away I think they draft a NT in 2nd if Williams or Jenkins are available. I would love for them to draft a SS and FS in this draft but unless there is a run on the Safety position in the 1st I don't see them drafting one until the 2nd. I think a mid round guy like Kruger or Gholston should be drafted this year because of Hood and Keisel being in their last year. I think they have to go FA for the ILB position the draft isnt that strong for them IMO. There are a good number of guys that should be fairly cheap. Larry Grant and Erin Henderson come to mind. I think they draft a LB no matter what. I would love to see a position flexible guy like Chase Thomas drafted.

However I do think it is a MUST to try to keep K. Lewis.