This isn't to say we'll pass on a good prospect on defense, but clearly the offense is the unit that needs immediate help, especially at TE,WR,AND RB.
I believe we were ranked 21st on offense so with the expected departure of Wallace, Mendy plus the questionable return of Miller leads me to believe that unit will be at the forefront in this years draft.
From what I've read it appears to be the opposite though as reports coming out that scouts are looking at defensive players, however those players could be late round picks or even undrafted players.

Just recently Carnell lake was at the Syracuse Pro Day looking at SS Shamarko Thomas a projected 3 round pick, they compare him to former Colt Bob Sanders.

I may be in the minority here but I see a real need for a TE, one that can start. I would go even further saying TE at this point might be even more important than WR.
We seen this offense struggle to score points even before the 2012 season, playing good ball from the 20 to the 20 might get you good TOP but we need playmakers to score points in that red zone.