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You're making an assumption there ("still better than almost every other 3/4 OLB in the NFL"). You are assuming that his slight uptick in production toward the end of the year wasn't circumstantial. The rest of the year, he was slow and plodding.

Put it this way:
In '98, Lloyd was cut--the club was right in letting him go
In '08, Peezy was jettisoned--the club made the right choice
This year, it's Harrison--I'm pretty sure the writing is on the wall.
Explain what you mean by "circumstantial?" In my view, the circumstances were football games where he was getting healthy after knee surgery. The D played better toward the end of the year. Maybe that had nothing to do with him, but from what it looked, he was the primary driver of that.

Again, just because the team got lucky after Porter or even Lloyd, doesn't mean they get lucky again. Let's hope they do.