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Sounds so much like what we heard when Porter left...were losing our leadership, our intimidation, etc. What we got was Harrison. Just part of the cycle. Harrison is a shell of his former self. Still good but no way worth the money he is owed. The guy is 35 years old and has two consecutive season of injury issues. Did we learn nothing hoping for three years to to get that "one more season" from Aaron Smith? Harrison will move on and someone will step in his place and the job will get done.
The team got lucky when Porter left. Just because Deebo turned out the way he did doesn't mean that "formula" happens again. Granted, Harrison is not as good as he was (DPOY), but he's still better than almost every other 3/4 OLB in the NFL. Hardly "a shell of his former self." It's been debated whether or not he was great at the end of last year. The fact is that the D played better as he got healthier. Take that for what you want.