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Thread: The penalty machine won't get cut according...

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    Quote Originally Posted by focosteeler View Post
    if we keep him he better lose some weight. I get tired of seeing his gut stick out so far he has t-rex arms.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jooser View Post
    Looks like that Bengal had a pork chop stuck in his facemask.....
    Got to love posts that catch you completely off guard and make you laugh out loud.

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    When was the last time Colon didn't have an injury during the season? Ever? He is going to get hurt, after he causes some damaging penalties along the way. He ain't worth ANY WHERE near what they are paying him. Not even close. Who was the genius behind that decision? MORONIC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie Spaghetti View Post
    worst contract of the last 20 years
    while is was a bit on the high side IMO, it was a contract that was cut friendly cap wise.

    the mistake was re structering him last year moving base salary into more of a signing bonus

    cutting him now doesnt give us much cap relief


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