I received my season ticket invoice email from the Steelers, and it says that the Steelers will play their first ever game in London on September 29 against the Minnesota Vikings. There are several other conclusions that can be drawn as a result of this information. First, teams that play in London always have their bye week the week following the London game, so it looks like the Steelers will have a week 5 bye. I hate early byes like that. Also, since I believe that the season begins on the week of September 8, and since the Pirates are on the road that day, it is likely that the Steelers will open at home on September 8. Finally, since the Pirates are home on both September 15 and 22 the Steelers are likely to be on the road those two weeks (the Pirates and the Steelers haven't played at home on the same day since 2004), which would make three road games in a row. I suppose it is possible that they could be scheduled at home for a Thursday or Monday night game the week of September 15, or perhaps a Thursday night game the week of September 22 (but not a Monday night game that week since they will be traveling to London). Any way, there is a strong possibility that the Steelers won't play their second home game until October 13. Every year I think the schedule can't possibly get worse, and every year I'm wrong.