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You see what is happening here? Teams that don't have a backup plan get desperate right about now. They end up throwing ungodly amounts of money at players less-deserving and in the end screw it up for teams that try to do it the right way. If Wallace gets $12M, how much should a C Johnson or L Fitzergald get?.... owners are so stupid.
$$$$$ It's not a coincidence that the teams with the most cap space are typically bad teams with bad management. The Steelers will always take the long term view of what is good for the team versus padding a player's bank account who they aren't totally sold on will be a star and a difference maker. As much as fans fall over themselves for Wallace, I never believed the management felt the same way about him which is why they didn't hesitate to give Brown the long-term contract. Of course they would have liked to keep Wallace because he was a known quantity but they were only going to do it at their price under their terms. That is how it should be.