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And what was the issue Ben had with Haley???

Ben said WR were young and it will be difficult for them to learn the new system. Guess what?? Ben was right. Young Dumb Crew took a step backwards. Blame Ben for it. Goes with the agenda.

Ben said we should have thrown more to Heath during Dallas game?? Whats wrong with that?? In the end he apologised for it but you call that serious problem???

Just because Ben does not play golf with haley does not make it a serious problem. Serious problem is with the media. Reading between the lines create serious problems.
I agree. With the way they were both playing and having pro bowl seasons (Ben and Heath) I just don't get the hate for Haley from either of them. As I have always said, the coach is important, but the bottom line is the players. I'll take playmakers over a good coach any day. And those two were making huge plays before Ben was injured. Heath was unstoppable. And the worst moment of 2012 was 83's knee injury. IMO, Heath is the second best player on this team before Troy and behind Ben. It was a total tragedy when he went down.