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I agree with that. You live and die by the sword but here is my problem...

Ben has been in the league for awhile and if he hasn't learned by now to "live to fight another day" then I think he's either to stubborn, ignorant or just to stupid to ever learn it.

It's pretty simple... Two golden rules:

1) If your in field goal range, don't take a freakin' sack and take us out of field goal range. It's one thing if he's sacked immediately. That's different. Normally, that's not the case. It's because he's running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to buy additional time. Sometimes, you just need to get the 3 points.

2) When it's 2nd and 3 (give or take)... don't take a dumb sack and make it 3rd and 15 (give or take). Like I said, sacks happen especially with our o-line but the reality is A LOT of those sacks happen when Ben is holding onto the ball for WAAYY to long. If he doesn't take the stupid sack in these situations, we still have 3rd and short. Instead, we have 3rd and long and typically it results in a punt. They are drive killing sacks that shouldn't be.
You really hate Big Ben don't you...I am not sure you even read the article...You are mouthing off just by reading the headline..

Can you tell me how many times Ben took Steelers out of Field Goal range by taking a sack..one/two/three times???

You are saying majority of the sacks are on Ben because he was holding the ball too long whereas O-line was okay??? Hahahahahaa....

Carry on with your Ben hating agenda...