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Yep...this is called football. It is a violent contact sport. It happens.

I love how several months ago I kept saying this was going to happen. In the off-season we would learn that Ben's injury was more than was led to believe. Certain posters kept bashing Ben over and over and over. Some here (those with common sense), would say that maybe the poor play after he got hurt had something to do with the injury he suffered.
Well, that's what Ben and the team seem to be saying now.

But at the time, all we were hearing is that Ben was fine. Did Ben really believe that? Or did he know his injury was still hampering him? Did the team realize he was still too injured to make those throws?

I have to wonder...if there had been a little more honesty, maybe they'd have decided that a healthy Charlie was a better option than a crippled Ben for those last three games.