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Thread: Should the Steelers take a chance on......

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    His motivation is to be rich again, not the game of football.

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    Come on you can not think every player in the NFL today does not want the BIG pay check. It is a JOB. Now if you love your job that is a bonus. Money can be motivation. Some players shine in there contract year. We hear it all the time. That is why teams and fans worry when certain players get there big contract. Like some think of Woodley. Get PAID get lazy an collect the pay check. See Albert Haynesworth.

    I have no problem if he is coming back for the money like 99% of all NFL players. He just needs to EARN it this time.

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    Read [URL=""]this[/URL]
    Then tell me if we want this slug in Black and Gold.
    Ive also heard on Sirius that he never put in the time to be a successful QB.
    A fat,immature,lazy Raider castoff can stay far away from Pittsburgh
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    If the Steelers were to sign a castoff former #1 QB, I think they'd be better off with Jeff George. He's probably still in better shape...

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    Yes. He can replace Ben.

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    He should come cheap...after all, he already stole enough money from the Raiders to last a couple of he shouldn't need much of a salary.

    That said, he's done nothing to prove he's worth much of a salary. Isn't the idea behind acquiring players to try to find someone who can help the team win? Here's where a minor league might be nice--without having to waste a roster spot on him, we could see whether he's really turned things around. But since we have nothing like that, I'd steer way clear of Mr. Russell.

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    With the money he made he should be set for life, but he's probably broke because of dumb decisions handling that cash, sorry we don't need dumb behind center.

    Draft Zac Dysert in the 7th. and call it a day!
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    we do need a black backup qb tho. so hes got that going for him.

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    Then how about this young man...
    [URL=""]Vince Young looks to make amends, revive NFL career[/URL]


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