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Then why do they have Ike covering the other team's #1, while lining up Lewis against the next guy? If Lewis is our best corner then you'd think that he would routinely cover the other team's best receiver.
Because Ike can run with and tackle most anybody. The problem is he can't play the ball. If teams were smarter, they'd still throw at Ike even when he has coverage. See the Tennessee game this year.

Targeting Keenan doesn't work. He breaks up passes. He did nothing before this last year so he's not leapfrogging Ike. But I do think he's ready to take the next step and be better than Ike.

Cortez is every bit the athlete that Ike is and can play the ball. He's gonna be the long term #1 guy in our secondary. Ike even says Cortez will be better than Ike ever was.