With FA looming, there has been a lot of chatter on what the Steeler's top priority should be. The most common is to say good bye to Mendy and to Wallace and keep Wallace's long time friend Lewis.

I agree with moving on from Mendy and Wallace and keeping Lewis, if his price is just right. THAT WOULD BE A VERY, VERY SOLID GROUP OF DBS, (Ike, Lewis, Cortez, and Gay; however, is it going to be economically feasible this year and again next year having to sign Cortez, who is starting to shine.

But with the recent signing signing of Gay has me thinking a little bit differently about our DB situation. First and foremost, Ike is staying at least this year, since he is our best corner and there is no cap savings if really if we cut him this year. Also he probably has a few more years in him of playing good football. So that leads us to who is #2...

The biggest question is, " who has the most upside-side, play-making ability between Cortez and Lewis?" I think it is Cortez, and he is still raw, while I see Lewis as being just solid. Now if Lewis gets paid, are we going to be able to keep Cortez next year, and who I think will eventually become a bigger play maker.

And as we all seen last year, there were absolutely no game changing plays on the d side, one of our biggest weaknesses last year, so we desperatly need those game changing players.

So here is my thinking, instead of kicking up big bucks for Lewis, and risk the chance of loosing Cortez next year. Sign Cortez this year (which should be like Brown vs Wallace) and use that excess that money on another FA ....OL,LB, RB, WR. Would you be willing to pay Stephen Jackson or Reggie Bush? Or what about Brandon Albert?

And for this year at DB we have IKE, Cortez, ( rookie at #17), Gay, Brown

I am not saying it is going to happen, or want it to happen just thinking outside the "corner"