I never thought I'd be saying this, but I wouldn't mind them taking a QB by the 3rd round, even though we have so many needs. Why?

1. We have no depth after 7.
2. I'd like to see a QB good enough behind Ben who would actually push and threaten BB.

Let's face it: Fans and coaches are not going to consider benching Ben with a Batch or Lefty. But a young QB with legit hope of developing could create a little fire in the belly of the bonehead, who thinks game and season-losing interceptions are funny. Not to mention, BB may only have a few years left regardless, and his contract is up in 3 years. It might be time to start planning for Steeler football post BB. And maybe a decent prospect, that the fans start wanting to see play instead of Mr. Bonehead, what-me-worry, lost-his-clutch-gene BB.

Throw out some QBs who'd be worth looking at in the 3rd-round or later.