Obviously we'll need everyone to step up their play, but some positions that are in the forefront could have a lasting effect on how we perform this new season.

Left Tackle:

The projection is for Gilbert to play that position, we'll need him to at least equal Starks play if not better, his competition Mike Adams is projected to play RT. These projections could change when they compete in camp but whoever winds up as the starter has to be consistent as this might be the most critical of them all.


I'm less concerned about Lamar Woodley, I believe if healthy he'll be a force again, its the other side that fans are worried about. With a healthy James Harrison we wouldn't have much to worry about outside of him getting injured, but will he be here? I would prefer to keep JH, but the cap issues may not allow it so if he leaves this will be another position to be concerned about.
Jason Worlids shows promise at pressuring the QB, the area he needs to improve on is stopping the run and pass coverage something James did well until injuries and age slowed him down. Losing James will create a void, and if it happpens OLB will be a priority in the draft hoping they get a good one that can compete for that position.
Its unlikely we get one who could start, so its imperative Worlids plays well so we can groom the new guy. The backup to Worlids would be Carter at this point so thats where the draft pick could emerge by competing against him. As we know injuries haunted this team last season so if Worlids were to be injured we need better play than Carter at OLB.

As you know Heath Miller is a question mark on when he will return, so this is another critical position the Steelers need to address in the draft and early. Paulson will be only a second year starter with Heath not playing, so whats the other option?
Pope is on the roster but we don't even know if they keep him even so TE needs the attention in the draft. Its not only this year but the future for that position.
Heath had one of his best seasons last year and one of the most consistent on offense but with his age and salary how much time is left with him? We must get his replacement now in this draft to at least groom or better yet compete this season for a starters position.

Obviously we need to address other positions in the draft besides what I mention above, but IMHO these are in the forefront.
Safety, ILB, DE, RB, WR are positions we can address too, but might have to be later in the draft.

My personal mock has CB in round one, but it does address most positions, however with a pretty good secondary CB wouldn't be a main position that we need so it might be a matter of striking that pick and move up OLB in that spot or LT.
Overall, at least IMO OLB,TE, RB appear to be positions we need help in right now, out of the three i would say either OLB or TE round one and two and not in any specific order.

In conclusion I would like to hear your opinion on specific positions, and which ones are the most needed and could give us immediate help.