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Thread: Flacco to be highest paid QB in history

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    I laughed loudly. It's their Browns DNA shining through.

    The fans will be regretting this for years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Djfan View Post
    I laughed loudly. It's their Browns DNA shining through.

    The fans will be regretting this for years.
    What a tough spot their owner was in. Sign him earlier and you maybe are signing a poor QB for years to come. Then he leads them to a SB win. Then his options were to pay out the butt or let Flacco walk with no backup plan.

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    Flacco got the bucks, but that OL came together extremely well, and the bug bullly WR Boldin had a whole lot to do with it by being a Go To so Flacco could just throw it up when he was in trouble. Bet their OL is not so strong next year. Bet it will affect Flacco, too. Glad they paid him so much.

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    For years, everyone was complaining the Rats needed to run the ball with Ray Rice always. Then we find out if the OLine just blocks for Flacco, he can play lights out. I'm sure he'll be worth it in relatively short time. It's just the way of NFL contracts.

    He's really come around in the last few years. I think his best ball might be in front of him. For all we like to make fun of Flacco, he's got one of the better arms in the league. Now he's got some confidence which is all he really needed.

    It's quite possible, the best QBs in the football could be in the AFCN for the foreseeable future.

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    Ok, Chadman's understanding of Flacco's contract is:

    Year 1 he will cost around $7m against the Cap- significantly lower than the Franchise Tag number & actually helps the Ravens out massively.

    However, over the first 3 years of the contract he should cost $62m. That's $55m over the next 2 years. That is some kind of escalator clause!

    So while he helps the team significantly in 2013, there could be major changes ahead for that roster.

    Tough spot for the Raven's F.O.- what do you do? Overspend on him in 2011 when you are not sure he can win a SB? Or really overspend on him after he has won a SB? There is no way he's the best QB in the NFL, despite being paid like it. But he's is the benefactor of timing- a SB win, a career season, and a market devoid of QB's pushing his value up, with an NFL draft class with few sure-fire hits at QB.

    The Ravens almost HAD to re-sign him, despite the deal being stupid.
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    I know its fun to joke Flacco but he is a pretty good QB. I wonder if Rat fans laughed at us when we gave ben his contract. Im havokg a hard time understanding the logic. The Rats had no problem getting rid of Todd Heap and a few other names a few years ago. We all thought it was the beginning of the end for them.

    I am a little concerned to be honest. Ozzie has been pretty good at finding value and their young players arent sitting on the sudeline for years before they find out if they have it or not. Its going to be tough sledding in the AFCN and while I think we match up well with them O think they are better at finding ways to win vs the rest of the league.

    Hoepfully we have a chip on our shoulders after this year

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    When we beat them with Charlie Batch and they went on their losing streak, I thought they were done. We could have very easily swapped places with them by the end of the season. But Ben came back and wasn't the same and somehow, Ray Lewis willed the Rats into bringing it all together when it mattered most. I really think it gives teams a bit of an edge to play for something signficant - like Lewis retiring - like it was for us when the Bus was retiring. It didn't hurt that they got healthy at the right time and we didn't.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in 2013. The Rats could be prime for a massive Super Bowl hangover. Flacco gets his fat contract. Lewis is gone. Will playing for pride be enough to keep them motivated? Or will the collective sigh of relief after winning the Super Bowl, open the window for a different AFC North team to reign once again?

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    The full Flacco deal

    Posted by Mike Florio on March 5, 2013, 2:51 PM EST

    On Monday, Ravens quarterback [URL=""]Joe Flacco[/URL] signed his contract. On Tuesday, the full details have surfaced.

    Per a source with his knowledge of the contract, here are the terms:

    1. $29 million signing bonus.
    2. $1 million base salary in 2013.
    3. $15 million option bonus due in 2014.
    4. $6 million base salary in 2014.
    5. $7 million option bonus due in 2015.
    6. $4 million base salary due in 2015.
    7. $18 million base salary in 2016.
    8. $20.6 million base salary in 2017.
    9. $20 million base salary in 2018.

    The cap numbers are $6.8 million in 2013, $14.8 million in 2014, $14.55 million in 2015, $28.55 million in 2016, $31.15 million in 2017, and $24.75 million in 2018.

    The reduced cap number in the last year of the deal gives the Ravens protection against the 20-percent raise arising from the use of the franchise tag. The $24.75 million cap number in 2018 becomes a $29.7 million franchise tag in 2019.

    Still, itís the $28.55 million cap number in 2016 that will force a new deal, barring a major (and unexpected) spike in the salary cap.

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    After 2015 they restructure or deal him unless he has 2 more rings. LOL...

    That back end is insane.


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