Under normal circumstances we would look to the draft to assist our current roster with players that the Steelers could groom for the future. Now, with our cap issues, we hardly have enough room to sign any good FA's and will have to rely more on the draft than in previous seasons.

Also, it's rare for a rookie to start or even get enough playing time with the Steelers, that could change not because they want to but may have to.
We discussed just about every position we need and how they can help out team, we might have to talk about draft picks that can start or at the minimum contribute year one.

I see TE as starting point, we'll need to draft one that can come in here and start, especially with our guy Heath recovering from his injury. The other position is RB, we need a feature back that can beat out Redman and Dwyer for a stating role, even if both TE and the back we draft only equal what Paulson and the backs do. We can't wait for grooming in those positions we need immediate help. Getting a WR that can lock down the third spot at minimum, and maybe compete for a starting role is important as well.

On defense, not too many positions where a rookie can come in and start outside of special teams. The hope is getting a pick that can earn some playing time or splitting time with a vet to eventually replace him.
That being said, TE,RB looks to be the priority on offense and OLB, Safety on the D, imho.

Other teams in our conference are improving so the competition is going to be tougher in order to compete for a playoff spot.
Even with a successful draft this year we might have to have an equal one in 2014 to get back in the hunt.
What we have working for us is Ben, with him playing an entire season without injury we have a good enough team to compete for a playoff shot this year but a few good draft picks could make it easier.

With the season ending like it did, I believe the Steelers will take it to heart and could be the most focused Steelers team we seen for awhile, they are tired of whats been said about them. Adding a few pieces to the puzzle could work wonders.