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Apparently you need to revisit the site. Let met show you again. And this will be the last time... OK? Am I writing simply enough for you?

Cinci and Cleveland were in the original group of teams I posted with the most cap space this morning.

As you quoted above, Dee WAS referring to Cinci and Cleveland. Except....

He was referring to them in context of the teams with the most cap space as reported by Schefter. Not in the context of teams within the AFC North Division. Hence your post was not in context and off topic.

Hooked on Phonics indeed.
You need a head check man. Holy hell. Dee says Cincy/Browns QB's suck so they won't go anywhere. I say Ravens just won SB with crappy QB jokingly countering his statement those two won't go anywhere with crap QB's. you must be huffing gas or something.