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Thread: Which Aging Steeler Gets Cut?

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    Which Aging Steeler Gets Cut?

    What do yinz predict?

    Here's my rundown:

    1. Troy - No backup ready to step in. He's still our best defender. He seemed to be getting healthy at the end of the season and some turnovers started happening. He frees up Timmons to attack in the box. No way he doesn't stay.

    2. Harrison - He's one of the 3 star players on this team. He has no backup ready to go. We can't afford to lose him yet.

    3. Clark - Playing at high level. No backup. He stays.

    4. Keisel - He's playing fine, but he's got a #1 draft pick sitting behind him on the bench. I'd hate to lose him, but of all the older players, he's the one with a guy waiting in the wings to break into the lineup. I'm not convinced Heyward or Hood are as good as Keisel, but they're more ready backups than anywhere else.

    5. Foote - No backup and still productive. He'll remain.

    6. Hampton - He has no viable backup on the roster. Try to cut his salary and keep him as a 2 down player for 1 more year? His play is declining. But he was still better than any other option by a large margin. The D started out slow, but got better as the season progressed and Hampton got back into form after injury. I'm 50/50 on Hampton, could be convinced either way.

    7. Ike - He's a great athlete and still as good as he's ever been. Given his conditioning, I think Ike's got several more years in him. But he's got a viable backup in Cortez who I believe is ready to play on the outside opposite Keenan. You can always use a 3rd corner and I don't think we have a #3 CB that's ready. No reason to cut Ike, but we could if needed. Plus Ike's the model example for a guy that works out hard in the offseason and the Steelers should reward that.

    Could it be possible that Keisel is the only casualty? Possible Casey? Maybe throw in Ike if we need the extra cap room?

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    I disagree about Troy and Harrison. Both are likely done unless they are willing to take a pay cut.
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    Harrison has a backup ready to go...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    Harrison has a backup ready to go...
    Well, kinda ready...

    My hope is that if we lose Deebo that the drop off is only back to Joey Porter levels. That is probably too much to hope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    Harrison has a backup ready to go...
    Carter? Robinson? We've seen Carter isnt ready. Robinson looks like a pass rusher, but probably 1 dimensional for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    Carter? Robinson? We've seen Carter isnt ready. Robinson looks like a pass rusher, but probably 1 dimensional for now.
    When I posted my response, I assumed Worilds was the "ready to go" one being referred to.

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    Once again, I cant see any possible way they will cut Troy. If Harrison wont take a pay cut, I think he gets the axe. I guess Ike is a possibility if Lewis is signed. But man we are paper thin at all of those positions if said player is cut loose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar View Post
    When I posted my response, I assumed Worilds was the "ready to go" one being referred to.
    I don't think Worilds is suited to play on the right side. I think he and Woodley are built to play LOLB.

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    This is why the draft can't come soon enough. I know that rooks don't usually start on a DL D, but this could be the year that one is asked to come in and start day 1.

    Does our thinking change on Harrison if we are able to snag a Jarvis Jones, Ziggy Ansah, Bjoern Werner, or Damontre Moore in the first? Harrison was able to contribute, but his value above whoever plays in his place is declining while his cost is going higher. Of all of the positions in the DL 3-4 to have to learn, I would think that OLB can be insulated while figuring it out. I believe the team asks him to take a pay cut.

    How about our needs for Troy if we end up with Vaccaro, Elam, Cyprien, Reid, or Rambo? We played 9 games without Troy starting and another where he left in the first Q. He was replaced mostly by Will Allen and survived that. Can we not find someone in the second or third round who is ready to step in and be at least as good as Allen? I love Troy, but even when playing he is not the same as the HOFer that he once was, and the $5M in savings to get him off of the books for good is very tempting. I had not thought so before, but now would not be surprised if they ask him to take a cut.

    As mentioned, Keisel is the one player who does have a potential replacement already in place. Keisel is in the last year of his deal so there is no future bonus dollars to account for, just a straight cut and swallow this year's SB hit.

    Clark played at a pro bowl level last season. No way he is let go. He easily out performed Troy, and his cap hit is less than half of Troy's.

    Foote is a cheap salary. re-sign him, don't re-sign him, not a huge factor on the cap.

    Ike also was having a good year prior to his injury. He is also in good enough shape that if he is recovered then his age is not the same factor as with others. I have always been an Ike defender, and continue to say that if he is healthy we keep him.

    Hampton is not under contract, and no reason to bring him back. We can't afford it and have three young guys waiting. Hopefully one of Ta'amu, McLendon, or Fangupo can step it up.

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    Foote & Hampton are UFA. I don't expect Hampton back...McClendon is ready. Foote may be back on a 1 year.

    I will try and summarize as easy as possible.
    With the $123 mil cap at rule 51, dead money, the restructures (Including Woodley), & the full cap credit...That would leave the Steelers roughly 500k-1 mil short to tender RFAs (7) and leave enough money for the rookie pool. Are there more restructures? Maybe Miller with an add a year & restructure. Polamalu & Taylor have big numbers but they only have this year and next which would create additional dead money next. But the Steelers need 500k-1mil for the above and Money to retain Lewis, sign Foote, and possibly Breaston. So there is the ugly part. If they aren't goint to restructure Miller, Polamalu, or Taylor...They will need about 7 mil to sign Lewis, Foote, and Breaston but they will need about 2-3 mil operating room. Lets say 9 mil to be easy.

    Pecking order for cuts:

    Harrison - Worilds is in his last year and needs to see field. Harrison's production has slipped and it won't get better at 35.

    Colon - If he won't take paycut...Cut him. Need to take hit this year and clear the cap for next year.

    Cotchery - If Breaston is to be signed.

    That would free up $7,305,000. If they did add a year and restructure Miller they could get 2 mil relief this year. If they don't restructure anyone else, someone else has to go. That may come down to Keisel or Clark. Both had good years last year. But if the Steelers want to sign some more of their UFA...Someone else has to go.
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