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Thats why I would trade Ike to a team needing a corner that would allow him to play a lot of man coverage. Trade him for a 4th round pick = no cap hit at all.
I really wish the Steelers would be more open to trading players. It's a business.... Not performing trades like these handcuffs the organization on multiple levels. For one, it could hinder the team in signing Lewis. You let Ike go if it means losing Lewis. The Steelers can't lose a player like Lewis who is entering hims prime in favor of a guy that is on the downside of his career. Secondly, a trade would allow you to pick up a draft pick in a very deep draft class and build your team for the future. There are a lot of good mid round talent in this draft and another 4th round pick (or even a 5 rounder) would be huge.

I realize the Rooney's like to give players the option on where they end up. That's cool and all but at what cost? In scenario's like this, I would trade Ike for a 4th rounder in this years draft and not think twice about it.

Use that freed money to sign Lewis. Lewis and Allen will start. Ideally, that should be our future starting CBs.