I Agree that he would be worthy of considering in Round 1. I Have got to see him play in everyone on of His home games Since His Freshman season. He is a Gamer! I saw one comment on here about is lack of cutting speed. Are you kidding me!? All anyone that has watched him has said, is How unbelievably fast he cuts. He is full speed in Two steps in all directions.

Nobody knew His 40 time, until the combine. All I knew is he was the fastest football player, I Had ever watched live. I also Have Season Steeler tickets, And honestly, Wallace is straight line Fast, But he does not Have the side to side explosiveness that Tavon has. Size is a worry, But he is tough And extremely hard to put a bead on. His Best games Have came against the Best talent, LSU petterson could not touch him And Oaklahoma is still talking about him.

I Have my fingers crossed on this one! Here We Goo Steelers!!