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right. all they really need is run stuffers since the DL are the ones holding up the OL. and how many times do we see troy in the box? is that really where we want to spend (another) 1st round pick? what does this defense look like when are OLBs are not able to apply consistent QB pressure or create an edge in the run game? our defense is much more predicated on them

aside from timmons who was drafted as an OLB and isnt the classic run stuffer anyway they had farrior (cast off from the jets...low level FA signing) foote (4th rounder) etc.

bell was a 2nd rounder who like chad brown had pass rushing ability that likely got him drafted higher
I disagree. Lebeaus defense needs two very athletic inside linebackers to really make it function. You can convert outside guys that are low draft picks because they really only have one function (should say primary function) and that is getting after the qb. The guys in the middle need to be able to get after the qb, go sideline to sideline to chase backs, and drop into coverage in the middle of the field. I'd also prefer to keep Troy, and any other safety, OUT of the box and let him be MORE effective because he doesn't have to cover for any poor linebacker play. Course, it's a moot point now that Troy is in the back half of his career.