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I dont agree. I think he has shown the ability to improve. This past season he dropped the weight and was asked to cover more. He came away with 7 picks. That right there makes him better than Mauluga. And I contest, if he gets with a team like the Steelers, and is not asked to do more than zone cover, add the weight back (255), and play coming forward, he will light it up in the opponents back field.

I believe what Polian said about the distraction. It is a major reason for the drop off in the Championship game as well as his 40 time. A professional athlete that is distracted will under-perform.
Could not agree more. For proof, see Woods, Eldrick 'Tiger'. If relationship issues could bring down the greatest golfer in the history of the planet in his prime, they can surely wreck a 22 year old kid's combine.