A spin move is very natural evasive move that lots of backs use. So it baffles me why people get their panties in a bunch over a running back using a spin move. But if the fans don't like Spindenhall, why would they like Bell, he did more spin moves in this highlight video than Mendenhall has done in the last three seasons.

Mendenhall looked good in college also, then he reached a level of disenchantment after being a pro. But I don't think it is because he is soft. He is pretty strong and well conditioned, but because of his hesitations in finding the running lane. He just did not read the best running route as well as he could have done, some times. Hesitated when he should have gone and tried to bounce it outside, when that was not he most effective route. Spin moves are not a negative from my point of view. They can be an effective move.