This means that the bulk of Pittsburgh's offseason additions will come via the draft. ESPN.com's Jamison Hensley has speculated that the Steelers will look towards a feature back in the first couple rounds, potentially targeting players like Eddie Lacy from Alabama, Montee Ball from Wisconsin, Le'veon Bell from Michigan State and Marcus Lattimore from South Carolina.
No way do I went them to take a risk on Lattimore; way too many injuries. I would be happy with a trade back to take Lacy late 1 or early 2, OR take Bell - who had a very productive 2012 season, has size, power and speed, and blew up the combine. I would be thrilled with either Lacy or Bell, and Bell might be the better value. After his combine, I think teams are finally noticing him. He would be a great Steeler back. If we could land him in the 4th, as he is projected. I'd be thrilled. But after his combine, I got a sneaky feeling he isn't going to last until the 4th. I don't see it. In my observation, McShay is the most accurate prognosticator of all draft guys, including Mel Kiper.


Bell impressed so much that ESPN draft insider Todd McShay is saying he had one of the top-three running back performances in the combine.

"I thought Bell had probably, I would say in the Top 3 in terms of all around workouts," McShay told Michigan State All-Access. "When you combine the fact that he's 230 pounds, 6-foot-1, ran a 4.60 (in the 40-yard dash) officially - some guys I talked to that were in there timing had him in the low to mid 4.5's and I'm not that worried of the 4.60 - that's good. At 230, you check that off."
At 230 lbs, his official 40 time was a 4.6, but a lot of observers who timed him themselves said he ran a mid to low 4.5s. That is plenty fast enough for a back who is that big. I have no fear in him being another Ron Dayne, who was just too slow to make it in the NFL.

Even if Pgh got Bell in the 3rd, I'd be very pleased. That would mean two other critical areas were addressed in the 1st and 2nd round, while we still got our bread and butter hammer at RB. That could mean we get Warmack in the 1st (maybe), a LB in the 2nd, Bell, and then a safety in the 4th. That could go a long way to fixing the holes of this team. We could end up with a legit rushing game, solid pass protection and an infusion of youth to the D. If they land this draft right, we could be a contender again in 2 years.