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its like paying your kids in advance for doing their chores.
whats the motivation if they already have the money?
and lets face it, most of these players have the mental makeup of children.
The only way this would make any sense is if this is a guy's last contract before he retires. Woodley has additional contracts in his future to play for. And they'll be much bigger than this one. There's absolutely a motivator assuming money is the only thing that motivates people.

Money or no money, a lot of people will do their best in any situation.

It'd be neat if we all had to broadcast our work lives so we could be ridiculed for how lazy we are at the McD's grill from time to time. I can see the posts now, "Why would Squidkid Schedule a Dentist Appointment During the Lunch Rush?" or "Flippy Not as Committed as Part Time 16 Year Old - Time to Cut Him for Youth Movement".