Does anyone else love and hate this part of the offseason?

I love watching as many college players as I can this time of year. And I really appreciate all the insight people on this board have for different schools and conferences. I really rely on you guys more than some of the experts. I trust a lot of you more. You guys tell me what you see instead of just repeating the same stuff about every player out there.

But on the flip side, the thing I hate is I get emotionally invested in so many guys that never become Steelers. Come the start of the season, we're only going to have 1 #1 draft choice. And in my mind I've considered close to 50 guys that could be Steelers.

And I know most of you guys are with me here. This stuff is great fun. Best part of the season. I read you guys doing the same things as me - moving Pouncey to G, going with the 2 TE sets, replacing some aging vets.

There's gonna be some initial let down when we don't get 49 of those guys. And we'll move on and get excited about the guys we get. There's probably gonna be a couple draft picks everyone's gonna be puzzled to see us take. But we'll get on board and hope for the best.

I know I'm setting myself up for a bit of a let down. But who cares? This is still the best part of the season. And keep the info coming fellas. Thanks for all of your hard work.