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Thread: Steelers to restructure contracts ahead of Cap deadline

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    Timmions is first with a 5 Mil savings

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfelix73 View Post
    I agree with the way they are going about conducting business. Cutting all of them at the same time does not make sense.
    Thank you, I was starting to think I was the only person that believes cutting everyone and starting rookies is a bad idea. IMO, with the offensive line gelling this off season and getting the best 5 on the field along with keeping veterans that still have gas in the tank and sign a couple of their own young guns the Steelers will compete for the AFCN and into the playoffs.

    You run a bigger risk, IMO, of having more down years if you cut the vets that have been discussed and hope for the best with your rookies and second year guys than you do, releasing a few vets, signing young players that have shown they can play and drafting prudently.

    Ben has 4 or 5 more good years left, if you completely gut the team this year the Steelers will waste his last good years rebuilding. Ben is good, but he isn't good enough to carry a Steeler team that is missing the following players: Hampton, Keisel, Harrison, Polamalu, Clark, Wallace, Mendenhall and potentially Taylor. If you want to take advantage of Ben while he can still be a top flight quarterback in this league they are going to have to find a way to keep some of the veterans, UFAs or RFAs.

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    Looks to add 1.7mil through 2016 per depot.


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